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Product Information

  •  Volvo Excavator EC35 EC45 instrument cluster with Puma 2 controller (year 1999-2008) programming software by dash plug: possible to edit / change Model,  serial number, working hous, security code and others functions. For use this software you need ARNS510 CarProg adapter with some modifications.

  • Tractor, excavator, agro hourmeter programming - list will be updated all year 2015 for free:
Case CVX 24C16
Case CX210 93C46
Case JX1100U 24C16
Case JX60 93C56
Case Magnum 24C16
Case Maxxum 24C16
Case MX110 93C46
Case MX150 93C66
Case MX170 93C46
Case MXU110 24C02
Case MXU115 24C16
Case STX375 24C04
Case XH 93C46
Case XT x5043
Agrofarm 410 24C16
Agrotron 108 93C46
Agrotron 120 93C46
Agrotron 93C66
Faun VDO 8582c
Fendt 409 93C56
Fendt 718 24C04
Fendt 822 93C56 V1
Fendt 822 93C56 V2
Fendt Farmer 410
Fiat AGRI G170 e93C66
Fiat AGRI G190 e93C66
Ford 8770 New Holland 93C66
Hitachi 93C56
Hitachi 93C66
Hitachi ZX30 93C46
Hyster 93C66
JCB 24C01
JCB 24C02
JCB 3CX 8582C
JCB 4CX 8582C
JCB 4CX 93C66
John Deere 6800 93C46
John Deere 93C66
Komatsu PC201LC 93C86
Kubota 93C56
Mitsubishi Forklift Kansey 93C66
New Holland 6080 24C16
New Holland 8240, 8340, 8540 93C66
New Holland 8360 93C66
New Holland 8670 93C66
New Holland 8770 93C66
New Holland T4050 24C16
New Holland T5040 93C56
New Holland T5050 93C56
New Holland T6050 24C16
New Holland TS110A 24C16
New Holland TS115 24C02
New Holland TS135 24C02
Nissan Forklift Kansey 93C66
Renault Ares 725 93C46
NOTE! This software is included in CARPROG FULL package.

Price: 560.00

Product Code: S8.1
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