Nissan airbag crash cleaner

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Online airbag crash reset service. Crash data reset for airbag modules with XC2336B processors and 95128 eeprom. Instant airbag crash erase.

How to use Online Crash Cleaner?

  1. Select you car in top menu (e.g. Ford, Mazda, Volvo etc)
  2. Select memory type if required (skip this step if not required)
  3. Click to chose file. (must be *.bin format)
  4. Press 'Upload'
  5. If 'CRASH FOUND' follow information on screen

Select memory type: Infineon 95128 eeprom


1. Select memory type if necessary
2. Drag and drop your file here


Click here to choose

What programmer to use?

Use CarProg programmer with:

How to read Nissan airbag modules with Infineon processors in car by OBD?

You will need:

Reading procedure:

  1. Connect CarProg to car by OBD using A1 (or A1 MULTI) adapter
  2. Select required software:
    • ALTIMA XC2361 DIAG for Nissan Altima modules with Infineon processors
    • MURANO XC2361 DIAG for Nissan Murano modules with Infineon processors
    • SENTRA XC2361 DIAG for Nissan Sentra modules with Infineon processors
    Always use same software for reading and writing! You must NOT read with one software and write with another. You can damage module.
  3. Press read button
  4. Upload crashed file to our online crash cleaner, there are two ways to do it:
    • Save file to your computer and upload it manually to our online crash cleaner
    • Press cloud button and CarProg will upload your file to our online crash cleaner automatically
  5. You will get clear file immediately after payment for clearing.
  6. Write clear file to your module (Use the same software as used for reading!)
  7. Turn car ignition off than on and clear faults with diagnostic.

How to read Nissan airbag modules with Infineon processors on bench?

You will need:

Reading procedure:

  1. Connect CarProg to car by OBD using A1 (or A1 MULTI) and C1 adapters
    Connect 500 Ohm resistor between CAN (yellow and green) wires.
    • Connection diagram for Nissan with Infineon processor airbag modules
  2. Follow same procedure as on car.

Something is not working?

You used online crash cleaner, wrote clear file to module but airbag light is still flashing and diagnostic shows crash fault?
Clear all faults with diagnostic. Crash fault should clear.

You still have some problems?
Contact us by email:

Works with all Nissan modules with Infineon XC2336B processors.

Tested with these part numbers:

28556-3RR0A, 28556-4BU0A, 98820- 4AT0A, 98820- 4AT0B, 98820-1JA0A, 98820-1JA1A, 98820-1JU0A, 98820-1LA0A, 98820-1LA1A, 98820-1LK0A, 98820-1LZ0A, 98820-1MA0B, 98820-1MB0B, 98820-1MX0B, 98820-1UMOB, 98820-1VX0A, 98820-1VZ0B, 98820-3GY0A, 98820-3GYOB, 98820-3KA0A, 98820-3KW0A, 98820-3NF0A, 98820-3NL0A, 98820-3NM0A, 98820-3RD0B, 98820-3RR0A, 98820-3TA0A, 98820-3TA0B, 98820-3TA0C, 98820-3WC0A, 98820-3WSOA, 98820-3WY0A, 98820-3WY0B , 98820-3ZK0A, 98820-3ZL0A, 98820-4BA0A, 98820-4EH0B, 98820-4EH0C, 98820-4HB0A, 98820-9AM0A, 98820-9HL0B, 98820-9HN0A, 98820-9KA0A, 98820-NHN0A

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